How does the Black Magic Cinema Camera fare?

Shooting with the Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC) plainly… rocks.

There’s nothing else to describe other than it rocking our shoot from production to post (other than maybe the word AWESOME).

I had so much confidence during the shoot that we would have the highlights safely protected from over-exposure, yet having the shadow details still clearly in view. – Frederick Cheong (Director of Photography)

Our colorist was also extremely satisfied during the final postproduction color grading stage, where he had so much room to manipulate with, creating the very look that the director and client wanted. With its huge dynamic range, and the uncompressed file formats, it was definitely a huge boost to our production value – something that we have been trying to up for some time!

Email us at for enquiries on rental for the Black Magic Cinema Camera today.

Is that to say we’re gonna throw away our DSLRs? Hold your horses… not yet though. They’re still good for run and gun shoots, with the lighter weight and portability – the bulkiness and power supply issue with the Black Magic camera is definitely something to keep in mind. But definitely, when our clients call for commercial quality shoots, it’s defintiely the BMCC that gets summoned!


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