Nagomi Cosmetics – Simple Nail Stickers

You know those days when you wanna change the style of your nails, but find it hard to go to a nail spa?
It’s really simple now with these nail gels and stickers!

Valar Studios is proud to bring to you Nagomi Cosmetics’ latest ad on their nail stickers.

It was truly an enjoyable shoot, where our two lovely nail models patiently held their hands still for our photographers and video crew.

Tip of the day (by our Art Director): Too many veins on your talent’s hands for close-ups? Just put your hands up in the air and shake for 10 seconds.

We had an art director flying in from Japan specially for this shoot, and the only word that we can describe is: Awesome! Her sense of beauty and the props prepared were spot on, and it was our delight to keep on shooting.

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